The Drummer’s Journey

Jeremy Schulz, nicknamed “Walrus” for his once-legendary parted beard, is a Northern California native who relocated to Seattle in 1996, jumping immediately into the Seattle heavy music scene with a drumming gig for the underground band Barbie Car, who to this day has a strong cult following. Jeremy cut his teeth touring and recording with Barbie Car, jump-starting a professional career that’s now spanned 2 decades.

After Barbie Car, Jeremy went on to co-found Only Human with former Nor Cal natives, exploding onto the Seattle scene, touring abroad, and selling albums internationally. Since then, he’s also recorded and performed with Kulture Shock bassist Masa Kobayashi and the 2-piece experimental band Hakai.

Jeremy was also asked to play and record drums on the final release of the accomplished band Oswald Effect, showcasing his sophisticated, stripped-down drumming style.

Currently, Jeremy lays the rhythmic foundation for Mother Crone, one of Seattle’s hardest working metal bands and whose debut album Awakening has received worldwide acclaim and an international vinyl release with European record label, DHU. After completing 7 tours in support of the album, the band is now writing material for their follow-up release, scheduled for 2018, and more releases throughout 2017.

Just recently, Jeremy was commissioned to write and record an album with a band in the middle of an international explosion, for which he’ll be spending a month writing in Thailand before returning back to the states to record. Keep an eye on the blog for updates from this adventure.

The Teacher’s Journey

In 2001, Jeremy began studying at the Seattle Drum School of Music with owner and acclaimed teacher Steve Smith and Jason McGerr from Death Cab For Cutie fame, who introduced him to the world of music education and personal growth. After a few years of study, he stepped into the role of teacher himself, unlocking a passion for helping others that had until then been locked away, and in September of 2007, he was awareded a certificate for the completion of 320 hours of drum teacher training.

As demand to tour and record with his bands increased, Jeremy continued building his teaching career, balancing the two and being requested more and more as a teacher from students across the country. During this time, he also crafted a program for teen rock bands at the Seattle Drum School, which quickly amassed a roll-call of eager students and continues to cultivate talented young drummers each summer.

Over the last decade, Jeremy has worked alongside distinguished teachers and musicians such as Michael Shrieve from Santana, Kenny Arnoff of John Cougar Mellencam and Uncommon Studies, Scott Rockinfield of Queensriche, and Chase Culp of Donn Bennett Drum School.

After nearly ten years of teaching at the Seattle Drum School of Music and working with 30 plus students a week, Jeremy took the leap to start his own teaching practice as WalrusDrummer, developing a unique curriculum blending both philosophy and technique.

Demand grew enough to start offering lessons globally via streaming video, working with students all over the world and affording the luxury of teaching remotely while touring and adventuring. Students love the flexibility and find fuel in the excitement of being taught by someone modeling a life of self confidence, freedom and success while still playing music.

Early in 2015, Jeremy was asked to help build Recreational Rock Stars the adult rock band course put on by Chase Culp and his school Rockit Music Academy. In partnership, they successfully guided groups of recreational adult players with little to no experience through a 6-week course where they learned a set of cover songs. The classes culminated in a performance in a real venue for friends and family.

“There is no better feeling than to see these adults that showed up to the course with self doubts and fears of playing and performing a show, and watching them totally pull it off. I’m so grateful that I could use the expierence I have and pass it along to others with the hope that they can expierence the same joy I have. I’m truly grateful.” ~ Jeremy Schulz

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Jeremy is the inventor of “Downloadable Album Tees” and is the founder of R-Evolution Tees. As a touring musician, he watched as the music industry shifted and decided to launch a company that combines music and merchandise into one product, bringing music directly into the hands of fans.

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The Author’s Journey

The life-changing experience of being a drum teacher has compelled Jeremy to write a book about the teacher’s journey. Through teaching, he found his purpose and helps guide all who desire to teach and coach to find and share theirs. Be on the lookout for the book in early 2017 and sign up here to book updates and blog posts from behind the drummer’s throne.

The Journey Continues

In 2016, Jeremy relocated back to Northern California, bringing his sticks and his passion to the Golden State. He continues to drum in Mother Crone, travel, and teach students globally both online and off.