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Drum Lessons

Hi I'm Jeremy Schulz, professional drummer, drum teacher and coach. With a music career spanning over 2 decades and a decade and a half of teaching experience, I have developed a fun and effective teaching method that's suitable for any drummer at any level. I teach both in-person and virtual lessons via Skype FaceTime and FB - Messenger. See what my students have to say!

"My ten year old has been learning to play the drums from Jeremy for a few months now and I can't say enough great things about their lessons together and his wonderful teaching style. She's learning so much, so fast and she feels completely uplifted and empowered after every session!"

Karina Giörtz
Stdudent's mom

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Online & In-Person Drum Lessons

Whether it's private lessons for the total beginner, group lessons and camps for drummers and aspiring performers, or 1 on 1 lessons with seasoned pro's, there's not much we can't cover here at Beats From The Core. Come join the rest of the tribe of students from all over the world. Warning though, be very careful before signing up because it just might be too much fun and make you want to quit your job.

"My husband and I have been jamming together for fun for years with our string instruments and have hit drums in scenarios like drum circles but nothing serious. We wanted to learn more so we bought some classes with Jeremy and we are SO happy we did! He not only taught us many techniques to practice on our own with a deep understanding of them, but he also made us feel like true rockstars in the process! Best music teacher we've ever had! Can't recommend him enough! Thanks Beats From The Core!"

Jayme Reneé Serbell

A Day Of Teaching

Here's a fun lil video of what a full day of teaching looks like for me. See I told you ......Looks fun right ??


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"Jeremy is without a doubt, one of the most enthusiastic teachers I’ve ever met. I’m a teacher myself, and after spending some time with him, I realized a lot about myslef. If you guys have the opportunity to study with Jeremy...Do it! He will push you, and motivate you in ways you didn’t think were possible. 100%...Don’t even look any further.....Just sign up!!👊🏻"

Chris Langan

Teaching In NYC

Here's a fun video of me teaching drum lessons around NYC. Being a virtual drum teacher I am able to live and work anywhere. I just may be in your city next!!

" I've been taking drum lessons with Jeremy for about four years. In that time I've gone from never touching a drum kit to being a respectable drummer of intermediate skill level, and Jeremy has made it super fun! Two major things I would call out as the most positive about studying with him are his incredible patience and his open mind to lots of musical genres. On more occasions than I can remember, Jeremy has helped me learn a rhythm or technique by showing me two or three different ways to approach it until I was able to get it right. I've been really impressed with how much he knows about not just rock music, but Latin rhythms, hip-hop beats, jazz techniques, disco, the list goes on. Four years in, I'm still learning a lot and having a blast. "

Terry N.

Virtual Lessons Via Skype

The best part about Beats From The Core drum lessons is that you can be anywhere in the world and we can still have a drum lesson. I teach students real-time lessons via Skype FaceTime or FaceBook messenger. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions my answers

Virtual drum lessons are simply lessons that are done through Skype, FaceTime or FaceBook messenger video.

No special gear is needed. All you need is just a phone, tablet or laptop with a connection to the internet. Drum sticks and a practice pad too, and you are ready to rock.

Yes. Drum lessons are the same price. Most of the time lessons are billed at $70.00 per hour or $80.00 per drop-in. If you have more questions about this then email me. @ [email protected] 

Yes!!! I have a very effective teaching method that works great for special needs kids. I have taught a lot of special needs kids and adults.

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"my son is very nervous around other people. Jeremy has been the only teacher, coach, adult that has been able to break through with my son. Not only is Jeremy an incredible drummer he is also be caring, genuine, excellent human being."

Gordon S.

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