1. Payments for lessons are due in full at the first lesson of each month.
  2. Make-up lessons may be possible if notified 24 hours in advance and re-scheduled for the same
    week as the missed lesson. Make up lessons are dependent upon instructor’s availability and not guaranteed.
  3. If instructor is unable to make a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled at the next best convenient time for
    the student and instructor.
  4. The following holidays will be observed and lessons will not be taught: New Year’s Day, Easter,
    July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Day (there are exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.)
  5. One month notice is requested prior to terminating lessons.
  6. By studying with me , you as the student accepts that at any time there can be in-person or online real time video chat lessons with or without notice. I travel a lot and reserve the right to give lessons in any format I feel works for the situation.