What My Students Have To Say

“I teach self-confidence and self-worth…drumming is the vehicle to which to do it”. This was Jeremy’s way of explaining how he has been inspirational to my kids as their drum teacher. Both my son and daughter have been a student of Walrus Drumming for about a year. The results have been absolutely phenomenal! Jeremy’s techniques for teaching music are successful for both extreme learning styles between my kids. My son has struggled with lack of confidence as well as demonstrating intrinsic motivation. “I always allow the student to leave on a win”. This philosophy has proven its effectiveness on children when it comes to building their self-esteem, and for my son, the confidence has extended into other areas in his life, including school achievement. This is undoubtedly why I keep them in drumming. The bonus? My kids learn to read music, and are provided an outlet for which to channel their feelings, all while experiencing whole brain development. The success of Jeremy’s instruction shows when they come running out of class with huge smiles on their faces, excited to show me what combinations they have learned. It shows when they take it upon themselves to practice drumming on their own, with complete enjoyment. And let’s face it, they are learning to play a totally cool instrument!

– Noemi Aguilar

Learned so much this guy knows his stuff. I highly suggest getting a lesson from him and I’ve been playing for over 10 years.

– Ian Harper

My daughter has been having lessons with Jeremy now for almost a year and it is great.  She is learning the drums really well and he is great at continuing to improve her skills and keeping her interested in drumming.  He is a really great teacher and I am happy to have him giving Rowen lessons.  Thanks! Jeremy!

– David Bennett

Jeremy (aka Walrus) is a great teacher and drummer. Not only can he wail on the drums, he knows how to teach. He is very patient and brings something new to each lesson, keeping me on my toes and moving forward. Additionally, he is a a great guy with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and is always fun to be around.

– Travis Ostbye

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After taking the fun-as-hell 3-day stick-bouncin’ seminar from the Walrus, I’ve got a deeper understanding of what it is to play the drums as an instrument.  I’m barely out of the “beginner” phase and went in unable to really grasp how to relax and let the sticks bounce. After three days, I can play faster notes with ease.  No more bicep and hand cramps chasing faster and faster play!  Plus I’ve noticed that listening to music I’ve got a much better idea how it is the drummer’s able to do what they do…  The Theme from Shaft?  Everlong?  Not magic any more! Time flew while bouncin’ various objects with Jeremy.  Looking forward to the next seminar to move my drumming along even further 🙂

– Jason Griffith

Jeremy , Thanks for an amazing three days of having fun and learning. I have already worked your “crunchers” into my practice pad routine!  Jeremy, not only are you skilled at your craft of teaching the drums but you have taught me how to play with confidence while having fun!  My experience with you this past year has definitely been a positive “game changer” in my life.  The love, respect and gratitude goes both ways my friend!

– Chris Stack  

My 15 year old son took lessons from Jeremy. He has taken lessons from a couple different drummers but he felt that Jeremy was the best instructor he has had. Not only a great teacher but an amazing and inspiring drummer for the students to learn from. He is excellent at his craft. I would highly recommend.

– Sheridan H.

Excellent teacher and drummer! Some can play, some can play and teach and his teaching comes natural.

– Mark M.

Jeremy’s style of instruction is very good in that he intuitively alternates the lessons based on where I am at that day but manages to still tie it in to the overall scheme we have been working on for almost 2 full years now. If you want a teacher who can keep you challenged while still keeping it fun, Jeremy is the guy! I went from “hunt and peck” style drumming with no real sense of timing or composition to actually expressing myself through my instrument.. in other words, I am now a confident musician and I have him to thank for it!

– Chad Brickner

I wouldn’t be a metal drummer today if it weren’t for the Walrus! Everything I know about double bass, grooving in a metal context, and playing ginormous drums all started with him!

– Aaron O.

Jeremy Schulz taught me so much about control and accuracy, he has shaped the way I play to this day. I learned a lot from him and would love to learn from him again anytime!

– Alex B.

My son is very nervous around other people. Jeremy has been the only teacher, coach, adult that has been able to break through with my son. Not only is Jeremy an incredible drummer he is also be caring, genuine, excellent human being.

– Gordon S.

I’ve been taking drum lessons with Jeremy for about four years. In that time I’ve gone from never touching a drum kit to being a respectable drummer of intermediate skill level, and Jeremy has made it super fun!

Two major things I would call out as the most positive about studying with him are his incredible patience and his open mind to lots of musical genres. On more occasions than I can remember, Jeremy has helped me learn a rhythm or technique by showing me two or three different ways to approach it until I was able to get it right. And I’ve been really impressed with how much he knows about not just rock music, but Latin rhythms, hip-hop beats, jazz techniques, disco, the list goes on…

Four years in, I’m still learning a lot and having a blast.

– Terry N.

Jeremy was my daughter’s drum coach for at least 3 years. He taught her the techniques that turned her from a dabbler into a serious percussionist. She’s now a jazz drummer in the esteemed Roosevelt High School Jazz program. Jeremy knows how to connect with youth and inspire them to their full potential. Major props to a gifted drummer and coach.

– David R. 

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