Happy Trails Blend 12 oz Whole Bean

Happy Trails Blend 12 oz Whole Bean


This is my unique espresso blend that once again matches the story on the bag. 


Imagine surviving a near death fall off a 40 foot cliff only to come out unscathed. Trust me, it gives you an entire different perspective on the rest of your day. 


Without exception, every time I get an espresso I already know what to expect. Bold, one directional flavor that lets you know “hey bro ya did a shot” !!


When you drink Happy Trails Blend you will for sure have a surprise reaction as you’ll discover an espresso that can drink like a coffee!!! 


My good friend and master roaster really went out to another level on this and broke all the rules creating this espresso. Your’e not supposed to drink an espresso like a coffee and at the same time your not supposed fall off of 40 foot cliff unscathed either. 


With the bold espresso front facing aromayou’re hit with a surprising and slightly sweet finish that will leave you in a state of gratitude and singing songs of joy to be alive!!! 

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