Prison Break Roast 12 oz Whole Bean

Prison Break Roast 12 oz Whole Bean




This is my official signature blend and was originally going to be called “Walk Across America” but the story just fits the flavor too well. 


The whole prison break thing that happened that night was just a huge surprise, much like the 1st time I tried this special coffee. 


Can you imagine actually being surprised just from one good pull of some morning joe? 


I like my coffee strong and usually that’s about where it ends. This one on the other hand brings so much more. 


With a perfect mix of sophistication and ruggedness this coffee is worthy of being my signature blend. 


Prison Break has an amazing flavor combination of lime leaf, floral, grapefruit, strong citric acidity, creamy and soft. This is a coffee you can drink to get geared up for you adventurous day while pondering your existence among God’s creation!! 

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