Bringing Us All A Little Closer One Beat At A Time

What Is Beats For A Cause ?

It is a way to help those in need by using what we are already doing. Giving drum lessons.

I'm Walking Across America

From The Brooklyn Bridge To The Sundial Bridge In Redding California

Each year I pick a cause and find a way to promote and raise money for that cause. 

This year I am picking  to donate to. 

This organization shares so many of the same values and principles as Beats From The Core that I feel like it's the perfect fit. 

As I walk across America from the Brooklyn Bridge to The Sundial Bridge in Redding California  I will be stopping along the way to give drum lessons and preach the cause while I come through your town.  Want to help support me ?



My idea for Beats For A Cause came shortly after moving to NYC.

A week after moving, my home town of Redding California was on fire.

I had childhood friends, aunts and uncles who where losing everything in the fire and I was all the way across the country feeling helpless.

The only way I could think about helping was to offer free 20 drum lessons in exchange for sending a link to donate to the fire victims. As I posted on social media I had other Beats From The Core teachers reach out to me and ask how they can be a part of helping with the cause.

Thus Beats For A Cause was born.

Seamus Evely From Drumeo Podcast

Shares my story with his audience