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Welcome To Beats From The Core

Drum Lessons For The Masses

Helping You Unlock Your Inner Awesome One Beat At A  Time! 

Hi my name is Jeremy Schulz.

A lifetime of playing, and years of touring, recording, studying and creating with some of the world’s finest teachers and musicians has helped me develop a simple and effective teaching method that is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

I help students achieve self confidence through drumming in an easygoing and positive environment. 


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Do You Want To Play Your Instrument For A Living ?

My Virtual Music Teacher Training Program will teach you how.

It's a step by step guide that helps empower musicians to build a business and disrupt the cycle of starving artist. 

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Beats For A Cause

Bringing Us All A Little Closer One Beat At A Time

What is Beats For A Cause ? It is a way to help those in need by using what I am already doing. Giving drum lessons.

Each year I pick a cause and find a way to promote and raise money for that cause. 

Find out who I am picking this year!

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