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Beats from the Core

Beats From The Core started out as an online drum school providing private drum lessons via Skype and FaceTime to students all over the world.  

Founder Jeremy Schulz also began teaching and mentoring other musicians on how to build their own online schools and become game changing teachers.  

Now Beats From The Core is a lifestyle all about living life through the 4 core principles that were used to create the music teacher training program.  

Connection, Discovery, Empowerment and Positive Self Esteem were the 4 core principles and  building blocks used to build a successful teaching practice as well as his  own adventure lifestyle.  

“It’s my mission to share these adventures with you in hopes that you’ll be inspired to live your life from the beat of your own core. “ 

“I am the rhythm bringer!! “


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Contact: Jeremy Schulz           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(206) 579-3889

Beats For A Cause Founder Walking Across America in Anti-Bullying Campaign

 Six-Month, 3,900-Mile Journey to Raise Funds for the Forgotten and Bullied

 NEW YORK, Apr. 19, 2019—Jeremy Schulz, founder of Beats For A Cause, the charitable arm of Beats From The Core, is walking across America beginning April 22 to raise funds for anti-bullying and forgotten populations. 

 During the estimated 3,900-mile solo trek from Brooklyn, New York to Redding, California to stomp out bullying and other causes, Jeremy is looking to raise up to $250,000 for the cause through his GoFundMe campaign. Proceeds will go to FightfortheForgotten, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for causes ranging from forgotten people around the world affected by the water crisis, to the bullied in our own neighborhoods and schools.

 “As a lifelong stutterer for most of my life, I felt like my voice wasn’t heard,” Jeremy says.  “I eventually found my voice and in that, I found empowerment and the strength to stand up for myself and stand up against those who bullied and tried to bring me down.”

 Along the estimated six-month journey, Jeremy plans to empower others with impromptu on-the-street drum lessons as he ventures through cities such as [insert cities here]. He will also be teaching from the road through his fully online business.

 “Jeremy’s passion for children to have a bully-free existence is so critical,” says Diazina Mobley, a licensed therapist, coach and campaign supporter. “As an adult, I still remember the impact bullying had on me as a young person, and then to deal with it as a mother to my own child was heartbreaking. Thank you Jeremy for your love, passion and the stand that you are for all of our children!”

 Every year, Jeremy chooses a cause to support, and this year, he is walking across America to inspire others to take action to empower themselves and others around them.

 Jeremy is still seeking support via his GoFundMe page and says every little bit will help him empower those who haven’t yet found their voice. Follow his journey on Instagram @beatsfromthecore_ and on Facebook at Jeremy Schulz or Beats From The Core.


About Beats From The Core

Beats From The Core teaches drum lessons to students in a unique way that empowers and uplifts them while helping them find their own voice. It also coaches music teachers to be better mentors for their students, helping them disrupt the “starving artist” cycle and empowering them to become successful virtual music teachers. 

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