How aligning with your purpose and passion can heal the world. (watch this video)



For the purpose of connection

It’s my mission to create 10,000 game changing music teachers worldwide. 

I believe that each and everyone of us crave connection. Connection in and of itself,  heals and opens the pathway to love, happiness and compassion. Connection …..that’s it …. That’s where it all starts. Music, the universal language, is a gateway to that connection. Music heals, music saves and music brings us together regardless of language or borders. This isn’t just a fantasy or a fun play on words. I believe it’s a fact. I have witnessed the connection and unity among strangers as they bask in the joy of participating in music. That goes with playing, listening or attending a concert or small show.Throughout my career thus far music has taken me across the the US 20 plus times as well as to other parts of the world like SE Asia. Everywhere I go there is a common brotherhood, a bond a reverence for being a...

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