Half Way Home


As many of you know I have officially made it halfway across America on my journey. Over 1,200 miles walked in 111 days. I have learned so much and have collected so many amazing stories and thoughts throughout my journey. 

 One thing I want to share with the tribe is a lesson I’ve learned that I believe will be helpful for all of you and your businesses. 

The funny thing is, is that this walk has emulated the process of building a business in a lot of ways. 

 The 1st month was all a major learning curve. The way I packed my bag, too how and when I prepared my food. I had to find some kind routine that was effective and efficient so I could maintain my stride and reach my intended daily mileage goal. 

After about a month I found my stride. I found the best way to pack my pack and be able quickly to get to my rain gear and my pack cover before the storm set in. I had it down so smooth it was almost on auto pilot. 

 But here’s the thing.... just like in business  as I find the routine that works and is efficient to make my operation run smoothly for whatever reason I abandon it. 

 After being exposed to the elements everyday you get good at reading weather patterns. I remember being in the Appalachian mountains in southern Indiana tiredly tracking along on a back country desolate road when I heard the crack of the thunderstorms that were rolling in. I stopped and looked up at the dark cloud knowing that part  of my routine is ... if you hear thunder you literally have 5 minutes to change into your rain gear and cover your pack..... But this time I decided I’d keep walking and change only if I needed to. Well sure enough 5 minutes later it’s raining buckets of water down on me. In a frenzy I offload my pack open it up and dig out my rain gear. By the time I get my gear on I’m 100 percent SOAKED!! Furthermore my entire bag is soaked. Well this mistake had lingering effects as everything in my bag was mildewing for the next few days. 

 Fast forward to a week later and a hundred miles down the road I had another series of storms coming in during my walk. Guess what happened??? I did the exact same damn thing !!!! Ugh!! 

 Why ? Why was it that I had a system that worked, a routine that when I knew a storm was coming I could beat it and be properly suited up and my bag covered before it hits, yet I’d choose to abandon the process and end up soaked to the bone. 

 After doing this a dozen or so times ( I’m a slow learner ok) I realized that it’s because I was mostly tired and I didn’t feel like expending the extra effort to do the routine. This resulted in not only getting soaked every single time but also having wet gear for who knows how long. 

How many times in life and and business have we watched the thunder clouds roll in and even in some cases heard the damn thunder crack, and still put our heads down and continue walking until the clouds unleash their fury upon us while we get upset that we are soaking wet? 

 More often than not we are fully equipped for that looming storm. 

 We just need to make a decision. 

 Are we gonna give into complacency or tap into our auto pilot skills and get it done so we are prepared for the storm? 

 All in all it’s a great skill to acquire to be able to get used to being uncomfortable. Being able to perform your routines in uncomfortable situations will result in overall more wins and ultimately fast track you to success. 

 I hope y’all got something out of this. 

 More later. 

 With love and gratitude for each of you. 


Jeremy SchulzComment